Books & Reading

Why read to babies and children?

Reading, talking and singing are essential for your child's learning

  • Contributes positively to your child's growing view of the world
  • Provides easy, joyful bonding time with your child
  • Helps your child develop language skills and a broad vocabulary
  • Gives your child experience of different types of language, rhythms and sounds
  • Teaches your child about many topics that don't crop up in everyday conversation
  • Develops your child's eye muscles through the effort of focusing on pictures

How to read with your baby & toddler up to 2 years

  • speak clearly and gently, enjoying the world of story
  • spend time talking about the pictures before turning the page
  • use different voices for different characters - use an expressive voice
  • name an object on the page and ask your child to point to the picture
  • or point to a picture and ask your child what it is

How to read with your child aged 2-4 years

  • give your child time to look at the pictures before you read
  • ask questions such as - Where is the ...? What is that called? What happens next?
  • follow the words with your finger as you read
  • invite your child to join in or finish phrases when reading a familiar story
  • ask questions such as - Why did he do that? What will happen next?
  • discuss things you liked and didn't like about the story and pictures, and talk about why

How to read with your child aged 4+

  • as for two-four year olds
  • ask your child what happens in the story
  • try shared reading, where you lead the reading and your child joins in with the words he or she knows

How the library can help parent-child reading together, and 'reading-by-myself'

  • A children's area that is welcoming for you and your child
  • Board books and picture books for infants and pre-schoolers
  • A children's specialist who can offer reading suggestions and advice
  • Books and other resources to meet your child's interests
  • DVD's, music CDs, talking books, jigsaw puzzles
  • Wriggle & Rhyme sessions - active movement for babies aged birth to two years
  • Toddler Time sessions - stories and activities for pre-school children
  • Books and other resources about parenting and your child's development

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