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Red edge by Des Hunt

Red edge by Des Hunt

Twelve-year-old Cassi Whelan and her dad have just moved into a repaired house on the edge of Christchurchs Red Zone. Although Cassi was only four when earthquakes decimated Christchurch, her memories still haunt her. An obsessive runner, she finds the wide-open spaces of the cleared Red Zone suit her perfectly. However, she becomes suspicious about strange comings and goings at the broken-down house next door. A chance meeting with a boy who lives on the other side of the house who is a tech geek leads to them setting up a surveillance system to investigate whats happening... and the adventure begins.

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Kids Reads Spring 2020 cover

Kids' reads comes out every three months and includes things such as new titles, reviews and fun activities.

You can view the latest booklet online or pick up a hard copy in the library.

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