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And she was



And she was - Jessica Verdi

When Dara goes looking for her birth certificate, what she finds is a box full of secrets. Her mum, Mellie, reveals that she is transgender and had Dara before she transitioned. Dara is stunned, devastated - her mother has lied to her for her whole life. Dara takes off in search of her grandparents and her truth, her best friend Sam in tow. What she finds will challenge and surprise her more than she can imagine.


The happiness quest




The happiness quest - Richard Yaxley

Tillie Bassett is sad, and doesn't understand why. Her parents and friends suggest different remedies. Her counsellor suggests she   investigate the nature of happiness. As Tillie embarks upon her project, secrets are uncovered, old tensions resurface, relationships tangle and untangle, and Tillie realises that everyone struggles balancing sadness and happiness, and living truthfully.




 Scary out there



Scary out there - Jonathan Maberry (ed.)

What scares you? Things that go bump in the night? Being irreversibly different? A brutal early death? The unknown? This collection contains stories and poetry by renowned writers  - all members of the Horror Writers Association - about what they fear most.




And then there were four




And then there were four - Nancy Werlin

Let's not die today. Five very different students at a private high school, brought together under mysterious  circumstances, just barely escape a building collapse. Little by little, they discover that their parents are trying to kill them all. Is it true, and what are their motives? How can these teenagers save themselves? The urgency builds when one of the five dies, and the others flee together. This unlikely group gradually bonds as they struggle to stay safe against all odds.





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