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AnyQuestions / Many answers

AnyQuestions is a free online reference service for all New Zealand school students via live text based chat. Ask question and the librarian will give you skills to help you find the answers.
Many Answers lets you search for answers to popular homework questions asked at AnyQuestions

NCEA subject resources

Resource page for all NCEA subjects.

New Zealand History online

A comprehensive site for New Zealand history, it includes information on culture and society, politics and government, and war and society. It has a time-line section, which gives an historic event for every day of the year.

Spark notes

This site is made up of selected, complete texts, news, message board and useful study guides. You may be required to join, but membership is free.


Find out how to achieve particular achievement standards, and general study and exam advice for NCEA Science, Maths and English. Ask questions in the forum to discuss NCEA issues with other students and teachers.

Study time

NZ’s NCEA resource hub – the ultimate education platform for kiwi students.

Te Ara
The encyclopedia of New Zealand is the complete guide to our peoples, environment, history, culture and society.

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